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Welcome to Dharma Yoga Studio. We are proud to serve Paso Robles as the only dedicated yoga studio in the area. At Dharma Yoga, we focus on creating classes that challenge the body and quiet the mind. It is our goal to make yoga accessible to every person living in the North County by offering fun, exciting classes geared at everyone from beginner to well-heeled yogi alike. Our teachers offer a warm, caring environment in which everyone feels comfortable to practice their own practice. Our classes are not competitions, and we offer encouragement rather than negativity. The only thing we ask is that you come with an open mind and that you are prepared for a life-changing experience! It only takes 21 days to start a new habit, make yours be a healthy and happy one!

$1 A Day Challenge is Back!

We are once again offering our $1 a day challenge beginning in March. If you come every day beginning Tuesday, March 1st, all you need to bring is your mat, maybe a towel and water, and a crisp, clean one dollar bill! We prefer crisp clean ones but we will also accept ratty, nasty ones and even the old 4 quarters! You have to come every day in order for the deal to continue and you can continue the deal until the end of time - if you never have to leave town again! We would love to see many more of you taking the challenge this year and seeing the amazing progress you can make physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Make a real commitment to your health and well being by seeing how a daily yoga practice impacts you!


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